Parenteral Nutrition Webinar Series for Dietitians

Dates Wednesday, 10 November 2021

The British Specialist Nutrition Association (BSNA) offered a live three-part webinar series introducing parenteral nutrition to dietitians in November 2021. The series consisted of three 45-minute live sessions delivered over a period of three weeks and aimed to provide a greater understanding of parenteral nutrition; what it is, why it is used, by whom, how and when.

Session recordings are available only to those who were registered for the series, if you missed out keep an eye on the BSNA website, Twitter or LinkedIn for future events.

Session 1 Wednesday 10 November 12:00-12:45

The first session of this webinar series provided an overview of the different routes of feeding and product types used, highlighted where parenteral nutrition sits within the nutrition support continuum, explored the indications for parenteral nutrition and introduced a case study.

Session 2 Wednesday 17 November 12:00-12:45

The second session of this webinar series explained the licensing and preparation of PN, explored the differences between standard and bespoke parenteral nutrition, covered nutritional and fluid requirements, addressed refeeding syndrome and applied learnings to the case study introduced in the first session.

Session 3 Wednesday 24 November 12:00-12:45

The final session of this webinar series provided an overview of how parenteral nutrition is administered, explored the monitoring of a patient on parenteral nutrition, considered potential complications from parenteral nutrition and built on the case study with the session’s learnings.