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BSNA is the trade association that represents the specialist nutrition industry. Membership of BSNA provides you with expert support on all matters relating to specialist nutrition and allows you to be represented as part of the industry body.

BSNA membership benefits

Representation in industry wide discussions and opportunities
Involvement in policy and legislative discussions at national, EU and international level
Specialist support on regulatory and technical matters, including responses to consultations
Media and public relations support
Members only website and resources
Networking opportunities
Crisis management support

How to become a member of BSNA

Membership is open to companies who are actively engaged in the manufacture and/or marketing of infant and/or dietetic foods for sale in the UK and who obtain the approval of 75% of existing members.

BSNA membership subscriptions include a basic fixed fee plus a turnover related element ensuring equity between members, regardless of their size.

If you are interested in joining BSNA and want to find out more about membership, please contact us.