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Posted on: June 07, 2024

World Food Safety Day 7 June - prepare for the unexpected

BSNA joins with colleagues at International Special Dietary Foods Industries (ISDI) to celebrate the sixth World Food Safety Day and calls on all stakeholders to ‎work together to prepare for the unexpected.

The specialist nutrition industry in the UK and globally is proud to provide people with the essential safe and ‎nutritious foods they need to live, grow and thrive.

Specialist nutrition products are scientifically developed to cater for the nutritional requirements of people with special dietary needs. These safe and highly nutritious solutions support people throughout all stages of life, from the healthy growth and development of infants and young children to the dietary management of patients with clinically diagnosed diseases, disorders or medical conditions, those who are critically or chronically ill and people in older age.

Food safety: prepare for the unexpected

In emergencies or exceptional situations, access to specialist nutrition may be even more critical to those who need them. In these situations, our industry supports access to safe and nutritious foods for the people who depend on them for their specific dietary requirements..

Food safety is everyone’s business

As an industry, we are committed to enforcing the strictest standards and our members take pride in producing foods based on the latest scientific information, accredited food production and manufacturing operations and other global food management systems.

With our ISDI colleagues, we support World Food Safety Day as an opportunity to recognise the people who ‎help keep our food safe and celebrate the role of safe and nutritious food in providing for the ‎health and wellbeing of people around the world.‎

For more information on how the specialist nutrition industry supports food safety you can access materials on the ISDI website here

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