SNE WHO Complementary Feeding Guideline Statement November 2023

Posted on: November 17, 2023

SNE statement on World Health Organization Guideline for complementary feeding of infants and young children

In their statement issued this week (16 November) SNE expresses concern about certain recommendations and the methodology employed by the WHO in their Guideline on complementary feeding:

1️⃣ Lack of Scientific Support: SNE regrets that some of the recommendations put forward by the WHO appear to be based on weak scientific evidence, thus undermining the ambition of the Guideline.

2️⃣ Concern about Animal Milk Recommendation: We are very concerned over the recommendation to use animal milk for infants 6-11 months, contrary to widely accepted medical advice, such as that from ESPGHAN.

3️⃣ Regret over Lack of Young Child Formula Recommendation: We regret the guideline's failure to recommend formula for young children despite acknowledging its role in providing supplemental sources of iron and other nutrients.

4️⃣ Food Safety Oversight: We regret the omission of food safety considerations, a critical component in infant and young children's nutrition.

5️⃣ Scope of the Guideline: We argue against the inclusion of infant and follow-up formula in this guideline, as they are not classified as ‘complementary foods’ according to Codex standards and EU legislation.

Follow this link to read the whole statement 👇

The WHO report can be found here:

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