#Closethecaregap: World Cancer Day 2022

BSNA is supporting #worldcancerday2022 today. Nutrition plays a pivotal role in the development and prevention of some cancers, as well as playing an essential role in supporting patients who already have the disease and are undergoing treatment.

1 in 3 cancer patients become malnourished, which can result in poorer health outcomes, such as reduced tolerance to therapy, higher risk of complications and infections, as well as increased mortality.

Better nutritional status in cancer patients contributes to improved tolerance to chemotherapy, faster recovery and higher survival rate. Equitable access to treatment and care, including nutritional support and advice is vital for all.

Nutritional care should be considered as an integral part of disease management in order to reduce healthcare expenditure. BSNA supports five key recommendations to advance cancer care:

  • Screen all cancer patients for malnutrition to provide nutritional care in a timely manner
  • Implement existing clinical guidelines on nutritional care for cancer patients
  • Provide equal access to and reimbursement of medical nutrition to cancer patients
  • Establish multidisciplinary teams in oncology, including a dietitian or registered nutritionist
  • Educate healthcare professionals and patient advocates, and inform cancer patients on the importance of a good nutrition status in cancer care.

More information on ensuring good nutritional care for people with cancer here