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Posted on: April 06, 2021

Advertising Standards Authority rules against Kendal Nutricare Ltd advertising of infant formula

In a ruling published today, the ASA has stated that Kendal Nutricare Ltd, who produce infant formula products under the brand name Kendamil, breached the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct & Promotional Marketing (CAP Code) through two Facebook ads in May 2020. The complaint can be viewed here -

The CAP Code states that except for those in a scientific publication or, for the purposes of trade before the retail stage, a publication of which the intended readers were not the general public, marketing communications for infant formula are prohibited.

Additionally, marketing communications must not confuse between infant formula and follow-on formula. The UK legislation and the CAP Code are very clear that marketing communications for infant formula are prohibited to the general public.

Commenting on the ruling, Declan O'Brien (BSNA Director General) said:

"BSNA members follow this legal requirement and also abide by our own industry code which sets out the standards member companies adhere to in terms of responsible marketing and transparency.

BSNA welcomes the ASA findings and looks forward to Kendal Nutricare Ltd being fully compliant with the CAP Code in the future."

Further information

The BSNA Infant Nutrition Industry Code is designed to ensure that our members can be challenged if there is any concern that they are not compliant with all aspects of the UK legislation. A complainant is also able to take the matter to the ASA or Trading Standards.

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