The Department of Health and Social Care consultation recognises value of gluten-free foods for coeliacs

Gluten-free breads and flour mixes should remain on prescription to those who are clinically diagnosed with coeliac disease according to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC). This announcement follows a National consultation which received an overwhelming number of responses from a range of stakeholders, including patients and clinicians.

The decision has been driven by a number of factors including concern by many clinicians that removing access to gluten-free foods would impact patient health in the long-term. The report acknowledges that a prescription provides coeliac patients with a reliable and accessible supply of gluten-free foods to help adherence to a gluten-free diet.

The potential health complications incurred as a result of poor adherence to a gluten-free diet was also a key factor in the DHSC recommendation.


BSNA represents manufacturers of gluten-free foods which are available on prescription for patients with coeliac disease, ensuring that gluten-free foods are accessible to all those who have been clinically diagnosed.

Declan O’ Brien, Director General of BSNA said:

“We welcome this decision which prioritises the health of the patient and addresses limited access to gluten-free foods.”

“The conclusions drawn by the Department of Health and Social Care should be recognised as the definitive National consultation. We believe that CCG prescribing policies should be reviewed to ensure all coeliac patients receive bread and flour mixes on prescription.”

“We are now looking forward to working with DHSC, Clinicians, Coeliac UK, NHS England and NHS Clinical Commissioners on the next steps to help deliver this outcome.”

Read the full consultation outcome.

For further information, please contact Declan O’Brien: or 07889 487261