NEW Baby Foods Infographic

BSNA members are committed to supporting parents and care-givers in the feeding of infants in the first three years of life by offering a wide range of specifically formulated food products. Commercial baby foods, also known as complementary foods, can provide a convenient, nutritionally balanced alternative to family foods which some parents may find useful when out or if they lack the time to prepare home-cooked food for their baby. These foods are specifically designed for babies, are strictly regulated and must comply with stringent quality and safety requirements. Providing the correct nutrition is vital, especially considering survey data from across Europe has highlighted concerns about nutritional deficiencies and macronutrient excesses in infants aged 1-3 years.

To provide an illustrative overview of the key role commercial complementary foods can play in supporting the appropriate nutrient intake in healthy babies, the legislation in place and the current nutritional picture across Europe, we have designed a new baby foods infographic. Click here to read!

Baby Foods Infographic - November 2017