Breastmilk is unequivocally the best source of nutrients for a healthy infant, but it is easy to forget that reasons such as difficulty nursing i.e. latch and milk supply, as well as surgery, illness and medication might mean that breastfeeding is not an option. This is before consideration is even given to the modern day pressures of work and financial commitments, and the diversity of the modern family unit.

Modern feeding practices range from exclusive breastfeeding, to topping up while the milk comes in, to night feeds, right through to exclusive bottle feeding. It is therefore imperative that parents and other carers can be reassured that should exclusive breastfeeding not be possible, there are products they can turn to that are safe, suitably designed, highly researched and tightly regulated and controlled.


In a recent article, Katherine Sykes discusses the different types of formula, the strict legislation in place, the safety of formula milks and how formula has innovated over the years. The full article can be read here.