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Posted on: December 18, 2017

BAPEN Annual Conference 2017

BSNA was proud to exhibit at the BAPEN Annual Conference 2017, which was also BAPEN’s 25th anniversary. The focus of this year’s conference was ‘Malnutrition Matters’, something which is very important to BSNA.

BAPEN is a Charitable Association which raises awareness of malnutrition. Their work helps to advance the nutritional care of patients and those at risk from malnutrition in the wider community.

At the recent event, held in Birmingham, BSNA met with numerous stakeholders all who we hope to be able to support in the coming year. One particular advocate who we were delighted to catch-up with was the inspirational Carolyn Wheatley, the Chair of PINNT (a support group for people receiving home artificial nutrition), who plays a huge role in the charities continued success.

We were also able to attend a number of lectures which highlighted the importance and the positive benefits of medical nutrition, from oral nutritional supplements right through to parenteral nutrition.

More information about BAPEN can be found at:

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